VP, Growth Marketing at WayBetter


VP, Growth Marketing

Full-Time in United States - Remote OK - Executive - Marketing

About WayBetter:

WayBetter is the rare company with a double bottom line: we succeed when our customers do. Lately we and our customers have been succeeding a lot.

We make fun, multi-week games where players inspire each other to reach goals and acquire skills. Players bet on their ability to get better and win by proving that they completed the challenge.

Backed by behavioral science (and NIH research grants), our games prove that with the right goals, the right social support, and the right incentives, anybody can get WayBetter. With the WayBetter WayⓇ​ we’re reinventing motivation.

WayBetter isn’t content, it’s accountability – you’ll have fun, you’ll stick with it, and you’ll prove to everyone (especially yourself) that you really can get better.

We just launched the WayBetter app with lots of new healthy lifestyle games tailored for our times. Want to exercise more? We’ve got games for that. Trying to cook better? Eat healthier? Read more? Meditate? We know just the way.

Our mission is broad and ambitious: to motivate people everywhere to live way better. Towards that end, we’re assembling the world’s largest online community of people committed to making positive changes, all wrapped inside a private member-only social network with no trolls or toxicity. There’s nothing quite like it.

Since launching in 2013 we’ve paid out over $100 million to our winners and this year we’re celebrating our millionth paying customer, all acquired through partnerships with experts and by word of mouth (no paid marketing yet). We’re about to start investing in growth and are excited to turn WayBetter into a household name.

About this role:

As VP of Growth Marketing, you will be a key member of the WayBetter leadership team, responsible for a big push around user acquisition. You will drive the strategy and execution across various marketing channels, including paid marketing, retention, referral, affiliate, and organic. You will lead a talented marketing team (currently five) that includes retention marketers, visual designers, copywriters, and content marketers. You will report to the Chief Operating Officer.

  • Lead, develop, manage, and eventually grow the core team (currently five marketers).
  • Develop and execute a launch plan for our new WayBetter app.
  • Test and manage performance marketing campaigns across various paid acquisition channels (with an agency).
  • Test new growth channels for the subscription-based WayBetter app, including content marketing, affiliate, referral programs, ASO, etc.
  • Craft and optimize user onboarding experiences that are appropriate for each marketing channel, with a particular emphasis on prospect email collection and conversion. Test, design, source, scale, and iterate as needed.
  • Ensure that all collateral and touchpoints are aligned across the brand.
  • Collaborate closely with Product Managers to hit quarterly goals (OKRs).
  • Work with Analytics and Dev to ensure best-in-class reporting across touchpoints, from top-of-funnel to post-conversion.


  • Expert B2C marketer with a successful track record that includes consumer apps and/or ecommerce
  • Experienced with startups or scale-ups where you’ve had to be scrappy and creative
  • Overseen performance marketing, preferably a blend across retention and paid
  • High level of comfort and fluency with marketing funnel analytics within the app world
  • A leader comfortable with ambiguity and driving results in the fog of war where you have to make quick decisions with imperfect information
  • Can effectively lead a team of marketers
  • Excellent communicator, both in writing and verbally
  • A collaborative work style with particular experience helping Product Managers with their goals (and vice versa)
  • Progressive career growth, including developing and managing high performing teams
  • Curious and passionate about life with success outside your main career track

Why work at WayBetter?

We believe that fun and social support are the keys to sustainable success. As such we care deeply about our culture and practice what we preach by fostering a culture that’s enjoyable, social, and rewarding.

We offer health insurance, a 401(k), remote-work flexibility, competitive cash compensation, and meaningful equity participation. We didn’t lay off anyone during the COVID crisis and we are committed to the livelihood and wellbeing of our team as well as our customers. We have no VCs or institutional investors calling the shots — we’ve raised money only from fellow entrepreneurs who we like. The company is run professionally by seasoned leaders with a successful track record and is backed by several billionaires with a longstanding commitment to the company and its mission.